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Criminal Defense

Criminal Law in Shreveport and Bossier City, LA

Criminal convictions can stay on your record permanently and they can adversely affect job opportunities. Not only your liberty but also your ability to maintain employment can be at stake. John N. Bokenfohr has vast experience in criminal jury and bench trials, and has tried cases ranging from murder, molestation of a juvenile, to Driving While Intoxicated.

Criminal Areas of Practice:

  • Driving While Intoxicated (Misdemeanor and Felony)
  • Drug Offenses
  • Sex Crimes (including, but not limited to, Indecent Behavior with a Juvenile, Molestation of a Juvenile, and Rape)
  • Violent Crimes (including, but not limited to, Murder, Robbery, and Aggravated Assault)
  • Expungements
  • Sex Offender Registration Litigation

Notable Cases by Our Talented Criminal Defense Attorney, John N. Bokenfohr:

John N. Bokenfohr defended a gentleman who was falsely accused of molesting his teenage daughter. After a jury trial, Mr. Bokenfohr obtained a not guilty verdict for his client in Bossier Parish. The thrust of Mr. Bokenfohr’s defense centered around the defendant’s daughter’s improper relationship with a young adult and a less than thorough investigation by the police and their failure to look into other motives made by the alleged victim.
In Caddo Parish, Mr. Bokenfohr successfully represented a young adult who was charged with Second-Degree Murder, as he was the driver of a vehicle that was used to commit a drive by shooting in which two other young men intentionally shot out of the car and killed a man on his porch. Upon Mr. Bokenfohr’s investigation into his client’s case, it became apparent that his client, the driver, was unaware of his passengers’ intent of committing the offense. While the District Attorney was skeptical of Mr. Bokenfohr’s assertions, Mr. Bokenfohr presented witnesses and text messages that proved his client was unaware of what was about to unfold. Mr. Bokenfohr was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to drop the Second-Degree Murder charge against his client.
Due to a false Crime Stoppers tip, the Shreveport Police Department arrested the wrong individual in an armed robbery of a motel. In this case of mistaken identity, Mr. Bokenfohr retained the services of a video expert. Mr. Bokenfohr and the video expert visited the crime scene, prepared measurements, such as the height of the individual in the video versus the height of the accused, and ultimately proved that the police had arrested the wrong individual and the charges against his client were ultimately dismissed by the District Attorney.
Mr. Bokenfohr successfully won a jury trial in Caddo Parish defending a gentleman charged with Resisting an Officer with Force. Mr. Bokenfohr’s client was unlawfully arrested by force and was tazed for several minutes by the Shreveport Police Department. Mr. Bokenfohr’s client was in his hotel room’s bathtub arguing with his wife who was in the next room. Another resident of the hotel called the front desk of the hotel, as they believed there was an incident of domestic abuse occurring in the next room. The police were called and mistakenly barged into the hotel room and began to taze and beat the defendant. After consulting witnesses and using video evidence, Mr. Bokenfohr successfully defended his client by proving that the police were arresting an innocent person and had no right to enter his client’s hotel room.
In Caddo Parish, Mr. Bokenfohr represented a defendant who was charged with felony Driving While Intoxicated Third Offense. Mr. Bokenfohr asserted to the Court that his client had a grave substance abuse problem, and successfully had him screened by Louisiana State Probation and Parole, the Caddo Parish Drug Court Program, and his client met the criteria for home incarceration.
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