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Personal Injury / Civil Litigation / Contracts

A Car Accident Lawyer Who Cares

Mr. Bokenfohr secured a substantial award for a plaintiff and his father who were injured very seriously when a four-wheeler came detached from a trailer on Interstate 20 and collided head on with their vehicle. Mr. Bokenfohr was able to convince the insurance company that there could be liability to the business that loaded the recently purchased four-wheeler onto the trailer due to improperly securing the four-wheeler to the trailer which increased the amount of insurance at issue in the case.

Mr. Bokenfohr has successfully represented a plaintiff who was seriously injured by a drunk driver and obtained a very sizable monetary damage.

Mr. Bokenfohr had a retribution suit where a young man had recently purchased a Kawasaki four-wheeler that had a significant defect. The Kawasaki dealership did not want to refund the total amount of the sale and Mr. Bokenfohr successfully sued the dealership and got a full refund for his client.

Contract Dispute:

Mr. Bokenfohr won in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals and had the trial court overturned when the defendant signed an improper contract obligating him to pay for his son’s college expenses which is not required by Louisiana. The trial court ruled that he had contractually agreed and was bound to pay. Mr. Bokenfohr successfully argued the case and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the trial court’s ruling by deeming the contract was too vague and unenforceable.

Mr. Bokenfohr represented a client and her husband who had an adverse ruling in Bossier Parish and were ordered to pay on a promissory note. The trial court ruled against them and ordered them to repay a substantial amount allegedly borrowed on a promissory note. Mr. Bokenfohr’s clients argued that it was an intertwined business arrangement through many parties and entities, and that they actually never received the money that was borrowed on behalf of the promissory note. The clients hired Mr. Bokenfohr to review the trial court’s ruling. Mr. Bokenfohr filed a Motion for New Trial with the trial court, and politely asserted that the Court had erred in its ruling, however the trial court denied Mr. Bokenfohr’s motion. Mr. Bokenfohr then successfully appealed the trial court’s decision to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals who agreed that the trial court had improperly rendered a judgment against the couple.
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